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Divine Liturgy

-On July, 20, 1974, Turkey, a large military power, invaded the small defenseless island of Cyprus.

-Thousands of Greek Cypriots died and thousands are still missing.

-Greeks were forced out of their homes in the northern part of the island to the south, Turks from the south to the north.

-The island was forcibly divided, inhibiting free movement and creating de facto separate regions.

-Local economy collapsed, infrastructure was disrupted.

-Arable land was seized, historical monuments were pillaged.

-Thousands of Turkish nationals were brought to populate the northern region and change the demographics of the island.

-Please join us in praying for and honoring the memory of thousands who perished during the invasion.

-44 years later, Cyprus is still divided – Turkish troops still occupy the island.

We will hold a Memorial here in Asheville on July 22.

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